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We are decision makers, offering real precision, on matters that involve the latest technology, software, and people in the digital world.

About Us

We know technological convergence can be frustrating and difficult in this day and age. Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience in multiple technology spaces. We offer information and technical support for those who may have difficulty integrating their technologies.

What We Do for You

We have been in the technology industry deploying new software, installing communication devices, repairing aerospace and aviation products, testing robotics, and meeting customers while providing long-time support to our clients. What we do is essential to the success and growth of your business by playing a key role in the convergence of your company’s technologies.

We offer support and the right technology and/or deploy knowledgeable people to meet your personal or company goals. Why are we different from any other services?

RP3 Systems’ team is comprised of the top technicians, installers, software developers, systems hardware integrators and engineers, and electronics specialists and engineers within our network.

Company Background

Our parent company, My Accessory Guy, started in August 2014 as a retail and wholesale e-commerce store selling electronics and mobile phone accessories. Today, as a subsidiary, RP3 Systems aims to continue the parent corporation’s legacy in providing exemplary customer service.

Apart from being an e-commerce business, we are now an organization offering electronic repair, equipment installation, and hardware repair and integration solutions to individuals and businesses. We have a growing client list comprised of people who require information and support in the converging their technologies such as mobile phones, software, avionics, robotics, computers, and telecommunication equipment. 


Using our combined skills and knowledge, we aim to provide the support and information necessary to help individuals and companies in this confusing time of technological convergence. RP3 Systems is here to assist anyone who is not capable of integrating their technologies.

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